Modular buildings

Houses of the blocks?

Concept of modular buildings in fact suggests the association of building houses with bricks, because it is the construction of buildings with blocks that are ready- made at the factory. In this case, the house structure is to combine vertically or horizontally such blocks.

What is a module?

The module that is made in the factory is equipped with all the necessary elements of doors, partition walls, the installations, fully finished bathrooms, toilets and kitchens.

Are there needed a construction site?

At the construction site are combined together the individual modules according to the plan of the building. Also it is important to connect the building to the local media and the final arrangement should be adapted to the needs of the future owner.

The advantages of modular construction

Modular construction allows very fast construction of a new building. Iit is estimated that the time required for its construction is reduced by 80%. Thanks to that it is said to be a cheap solution. Also it allows for expansion of the building at any time with additional modules. It also allows to transfer ready building to the new place.

Disadvantages of modular construction

If you want to build house in such technology you must permanently placed it in the ground, otherwise it may be hard for permission to connect to local media. It also excludes possibility to transfer the building in the future. To build the house you need a lift. This type of construction has a huge architectural limitations. In result, definitely it can’t be sophisticated designs.